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6 Mar

Over 50 Services + 40 Lenders + 100s Of Products = The Right Solution For You


Posted by: Peter Paley

Sometimes I forget how many different services we offer to ensure that we have to help our clients find the right financial solutions.

  1. Mortgage Pre-Approval Purchase (Fully Underwritten)
  2. Purchase Plus Improvements (Up to $100k)
  3. Mortgage Refinance
  4. Mortgage Refinance Plus Improvements
  5. Mortgage Debt Consolidation
  6. Mortgage Renewal
  7. Mortgage Switch/Transfer
  8. Cashback Mortgages
  9. Borrowed or Flex Down Payment
  10. Construction Mortgages
  11. Mortgages After Divorce or Legal Separation
  12. Rental Property Mortgages
  13. Rental Property Refinances
  14. Rental Property Renewals
  15. Rental Property Switches/Transfers
  16. Hybrid Mortgages
  17. Self Employed Mortgages
  18. New To Canada Mortgages
  19. 2nd Home Mortgages
  20. Vacation Home Mortgages
  21. Home Equity Lines Of Credit (HELOCS)
  22. Mortgage Life Insurance
  23. Mortgage Disability Insurance
  24. Credit Repair
  25. Auto/Boat/RV Refinancing
  26. Commercial Mortgages
  27. Commercial Construction Mortgages
  28. Alternative Financing
  29. Private Mortgages
  30. First & Second Mortgages
  31. Manitoba Metis Federation Grant
  32. Commercial Equipment Leasing
  33. Referrals to Financial Planners
  34. Referrals to REALTORs
  35. Referrals to Life Insurance Advisors
  36. Referrals to Real Estate & Family Lawyers
  37. Referrals to Home Inspectors
  38. Referrals to House Insurance Brokers
  39. Reverse Mortgages
  40. Bruised Credit
  41. Mortgages For New Business Owners
  42. Stated Income Mortgages
  43. Apartment Building Financing
  44. Apartment Building Construction
  45. Mortgage Calculators
  46. Mortgage Training For New Agents
  47. Mortgage Mentorship
  48. Mortgages For Strip malls
  49. Mortgages For Duplex, Triplex, and Fourplex
  50. Interest Only Mortgages
  51. Business Financing
  52. Farm Credit & Financing

We pride ourselves on being experts in all of the products listed above.  We have dozens of different lenders and programs to choose from.  We can provide you the correct information suited to your own situation and would love to help and answer any questions you may have!

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