MCAP Fusion Mortgage is a mortgage and a line of credit…a powerful combination with flexible financing options to meet YOUR home financing needs.

MCAP Fusion Molecules and abstract patterns

Discover the POWER of potential.

The more you pay down on your mortgage, the more your line of credit grows. You have the power to use it if you want, for what you want, when you want. Think of the potential!

MCAP Fusion Mortgage is ideal for savvy homebuyers, self-employed individuals and those with an eye on the future.

Product Features:

  • Choose between a fixed or variable rate amortizing mortgage to combine with a line of credit
  • Automatically increase your line of credit with each principal payment or lump sum payment on the amortizing mortgage
  • Leverage your home equity when you need it without having to refinance or re-qualify
  • Save money — no need to pay refinance fees
  • Pay off the line of credit at any time without penalty*

MCAP Fusion Mortgage delivers even more!

  • A choice of amortization periods as short as five years
  • Payment frequency tailored to your lifestyle including accelerated payments to pay down your mortgage faster
  • Annual prepayment privileges up to 20% of the original principal amount and/or increase your regular payment by up to 20%

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