Mortgage Refinancing is an excellent way to use your home’s equity to pay off high-interest rate debts, improve your cash flow, and sometimes even improve your interest rate which can help you save $1000s.

Mortgage Refinancing is also a great way to finance renovations.

Almost all lenders will allow you to borrow up to 80% of the value of your home.   For example, if your current home is valued/appraised at $600,000.00 you would be able to apply for a mortgage of $480,000 ($600000 x 80%) & you can choose up to a 30-year amortization.

A few things to consider;

  1. If your current mortgage is not at the end of its term and you want to refinance a mortgage pre-payment penalty could apply with your existing lender and it is important to have this information.
  2. In most cases, a full appraisal will be required at the expense of the borrower.
  3. A legal fee will apply whether you use your lawyer or use the lender’s in-house service.
  4. If you increase your amortization, you will have to pay your mortgage longer and understand the new interest costs.

Even when you consider these items, a mortgage refinance is an excellent way to help improve your household cash flow and free up money for saving or investing.

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