Many banks and credit unions offer and even volunteer you to accept their Mortgage Life & Disability Insurance.   It is usually very expensive and is very limiting.

We offer Mortgage Life Insurance through Manulife – Mortgage Protection Plan and have TERM Life Insurance Options through Assumption Life.

Manulife – Mortgage Protection Insurance protects your investment while helping secure your family’s financial well-being in the event of the death of you and/or your spouse. Should something tragic result in the passing of you or your spouse, the mortgage on your home would be paid off, allowing surviving family members to use other existing insurance to carry on with life, maintain their lifestyle and recover from your loss.

The mortgage insurance offered through Dominion Lending Centres has some great features that traditional bank mortgage insurance doesn’t provide. That includes portability – so when it is time to renew your mortgage you won’t lose your coverage (or have to re-qualify) no matter how many times you change homes or lenders in the future – and premiums don’t increase with changes in health or as you get older.

In addition, Mortgage Protection Plan includes two vital insurance products for your mortgage protection: Life Insurance and Total Disability Insurance.

With this coverage in place, your mortgage is protected not just in the event of death, but also if a serious accident or illness leaves you unable to work. Most traditional term life policies only cover you in the event of death.


Our Manulife Mortgage Protection Plan produce is a great product for many clients.  However, many clients need a more tailored insurance solution.  Term Life and Whole Life Insurance from our licensed Insurance agents Peter Paley & Derek Vandall may offer more value for the money than standard Mortgage Insurance.

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Peter Paley Financial Ltd would love to help you with your life insurance needs.

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