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30 Jan



Posted by: Peter Paley

A Mortgage Broker Is Going To Give You The Best Mortgage That Meets Your Needs & Potentially Save You $1000s Of Dollars In Unnecessary Fees & Interest.


As Mortgage Brokers, we strive to educate consumers, REALTORS and all other Real Estate Professionals as to what a Mortgage Broker does.  As we are all independent professionals, I think you’ll find many different approaches to the business.   This is what we do a Peter Paley & Associates.

  • We educate our clients about all of the different mortgage products.   Standard mortgages, collateral mortgages, no-frills mortgages, home equity lines of credit etc.
  • We educate our clients about individual lender products from all of our major lenders, Manulife One, Scotia Step, MCAP Valu-Flex and many others.
  • We review your mortgage application with the utmost respect and detail to see if there are any challenges that may unknown to the client.
  • We review our client’s credit bureau report and score line by line and ensures it meets our lender’s standards.
  • We verify our client’s income upfront via documents that we request.
  • We look for extra qualifying income (bonus, Canada Child Benefit, over-time, self employed income, investment income, child/spousal support, etc).
  • We verify our client’s down payment and ensure that it is eligible (savings, gifted funds, RRSP, TFSA, borrowed funds).
  • We ensure our clients comfort level in terms of monthly payment to help them identify a target purchase price so that the mortgage payment, interest, taxes and other expenses fit their budget.
  • We provide the maximum lending amount.
  • We help consolidate debt and draw on existing home equity in the case of a finance
  • We provide excellent mortgage life and disability insurance and term and whole life insurance advice.
  • We can provide retirement planning advice with investments and investment property strategies.
  • We work non-standard hours to ensure our clients get the best customer service.
  • We communicate with your REALTOR, Lawyer and other industry partners to ensure that all the details are well looked after.
  • We can help people with bruised credit, past consumer proposals or even bankruptcy get back on track.
  • Best of all we can usually beat any bank or credit union mortgage rate with better terms!

We are an advice based mortgage team with access to hundreds of different mortgage products and programs that your bank or credit union may not have access to.   We would be happy to have a chat to see if using a mortgage broker would be right for you!

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