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15 Dec

Right Now, It’s All About Rates!


Posted by: Peter Paley

You will often hear me say that mortgages aren’t only about rates.  Finding the best solutions to fit your needs is 10x more important.  This is 100% TRUE.

However, this all goes out the window in a decreasing interest rate environment.  We are currently in a decreasing mortgage rate environment.

5-year Canadian Bond Yields have dropped substantially in the past few weeks which is good news for mortgage borrowers.   Rates are starting to come down across the board!  There are two reasons for this, firstly lower bond yields, and secondly lenders need to get through the seasonally slower winter period and rate specials are usually the way they accomplish this.

If you have an approved mortgage and it’s closing a minimum of 10 business days from the time you’re reading this, call your broker/bank/credit union to see if they can offer you a lower rate.  They should be able to accommodate this request.

If you have an approved mortgage that is closing after January 2, 2024, contact us for a second opinion!  This call /text/e-mail may save you thousands of dollars, even tens of thousands of dollars depending upon the size of your mortgage!

We will provide fast, efficient, and honest advice!

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