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9 Feb

Mortgage Experiences: Transactional VS. Partnership


Posted by: Peter Paley

It’s easy to think of your mortgage transaction as a “one & done” scenario.  Many people in the mortgage industry, from bankers to loan officers to other brokers, can provide a transactional service.   You’re another number, a notch on the post, and a check-mark on the spreadsheet.   The mortgage product you may have may have been the best rate at the time and it may have been the worst.  The terms may be excellent, or not so excellent.  It doesn’t matter to the transactional salesperson.  It reminds me of Alec Baldwin’s famous scene from Glengarry Glen Ross “ABC – Always Be Closing” (for your reference here is the YouTube link  This isn’t how we’ve ever viewed our business.

We prefer a different approach.  In the spirit of Glengarry Glen Ross, I was trying to think of a good acronym and came up with PRESS.  We always want to have good PRESS!!!
P – Partnership
R – Responsive
E – Educational
S –  Supportive
S – Secure

We apply this holistic approach to our business so that we can provide you with a lifetime of excellent mortgage advice for you, your friends, and your family.   We can explain and educate you why we are recommending to you a product, rate, term, insurance coverage or referring you to one of our excellent industry partners.  When choosing to partner with clients, REALTORs,  lawyers, insurance providers, financial planners, etc the standard we’ve always used is if we would refer them to our parents.  If the answer is yes, we would love to work with you!

As mortgage professionals, we are more than just the rate and the transaction.  We can recommend the right products, lenders, and strategies that will give you financial savings and peace of mind.

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