Travel Medical Emergency Coverage and Travel PLUS Medical Emergency Coverage

Travel Medical Emergency Coverage

When you travel out of your province, your provincial plan does not cover all potential expenses you may incur if you become ill or are injured while away.

The cost difference between the amount covered by your provincial plan and the amount charged by a hospital or health care provider can be devastating. Having the proper Travel Emergency Medical Plan could save you years of distress.

Travel Medical Emergency Coverage provides you with peace of mind when you travel anywhere in the world by providing you with Emergency Assistance Service 24 hours 7 days a week. When an emergency happens, you’ll know where to go to get the help needed.

The Edge Benefits provides up to $5,000,000 of coverage for reasonable and customary medical expenses as part of the emergency treatment arising from a medical condition.

Travel Plus Medical Emergency Coverage

• Annual plan only
• Non-trucking occupations

Use this helpful guide, designed to help you understand travel health insurance and your what your supplementary coverage options are when you travel out of province or outside of Canada.

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