As a REALTOR in Winnipeg, I am often asked for referrals. I never hesitate to refer Peter Paley and his team as they have never once dissappointed me. I call him the magic man because if there is a way he will find it! If someone doesn’t qualify he will help they make a plan to improve their credit score. My clients have always thanked me for giving them Peter’s name and I have always had positive feedback from them! Thanks Peter for caring so much about your clients!

D'anne Hansen - REMAX

Peter and his team of Derek & Colten were nothing short of excellent. From their advice with homes to look for, what we should do for our fiances leading up to applying, as well as the the entire mortgage approval. With our family working at chaotic times and with different schedules, they made the process very accommodating. With services being able to be completed via their online portal and email. I did however seem to call at random hours of the day and evening when a random question popped into my head! Someone from his team was always pleasant and willing to help. Buying a home can be a very nerve racking experience, but i can say with confidence that Mainstream and their team are willing to go the extra mile for the best rates,and support along the way! 5*****

N. Turnbull

Peter Paley helped me get a really good mortgage when no one else would. He was kind, hard working, and always made me feel comfortable when I was in his office or when I had questions for him. I would highly recommend Peter Paley Mortgages for anyone looking to get the best option out there for their mortgage needs.

~Emily Sydor

“Working with Peter was a pleasure and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to get financing for their home. When I contacted Peter, we were already working on our offer letter on our home, and we needed to get our financing finalized on a very tight timeline of just a couple days. Peter warned me right away that there would be lots of paperwork and that it would be difficult, but possible so long as we acted quickly to get all of the necessary documention. Throughout this time, Peter was always available for any questions I had about the paperwork, including late in the evening, and we were able to get everything ready electronically, as I was unable to take time away from work to meet him in person. In addition to working tirelessly to get our financing finalized very quickly, he was also able to get us a great rate. 10/10!”

~ Sean Seavers

Peter was absolutely an amazing mortgage broker. We should have gone to see him sooner. We were not getting the service we expected from a bank we had been with for quite some time. And we did not get as high of a pre-approval amount as we expected mostly because my partner is self-employed. Peter got down to business right away and asked for documentation to prove our income. He was always available and very quick to respond to our messages. Together we built a very solid portfolio, he got us a fantastic pre-approval rate/amount and in the end, we got our dream house! Thank you Peter for the work you did for us!

Janelle D. and Phil B.

This guy knew what he was doing and he took really good care of me. My case was a little trickier than most but he came through and got me an approved. Peter was also able to provide some insight that’s going to be very helpful in the near future. He knows his stuff and he’s good at what he does.

Justin Segodnia

Peter is fantastic! He saved me a considerable amount of money both on my mortgage interest & down payment. He took the time to explain all of my options in great detail & has sent several follow up emails and phone calls to make sure everything is going smoothly.

Kathleen Easton

Great experience!! Peter was very helpful in helping us. We contacted him on a Sunday thinking we wouldn’t hear until the next day but we were pleasantly surprised to receive his call a couple hours after making contact with him. Professionnal on the phone. A+

Chantal and Arek Fuczyla

Peter is always looking out for our best interests. We trust his recommendations when suggesting products for us as he understands our tolerance for risk. He pointed us in the right direction for a new mortgage with LOC which will save us a lot of interest over the years and allow us to pay it down at our own speed. PLUS he is super fun to deal with, always chipper and friendly.

*Disclaimer – Please note that each borrowers case is different and your individual results may vary*

Tara Suffield

To all of you out there who looks for someone who honestly deals with your mortgage… This is the guy! Let me tell you, Peter knows what he’s doing. He knows his office, his profession, and takes good care of you. He did that with us, so I know what I’m talking about. He is very helpful indeed. He deserves those five stars!

Luis Del Rios De Hoyo